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The principals of NCM Inc. have worked in the hospitality industry since 1996. Prior to 1996 all worked performed was strictly ground up entailing nearly $200M worth of new construction. Since 1996 work has been completed specifically in the hospitality industry at over one hundred hotels around the nation. Our management team has been with us for nearly twenty years and are based throughout the country. We also have numerous subcontractors that have worked with us for an extended period of time that travel with us wherever the project may be. We typically hire the speciality trades of electrical, plumbing, mechanical and life safety locally at the city we are completing the projects at. Over the past twenty years we have held state licensing in numerous states including Florida, California, Washington, South Carolina, Oregon, and Arizona.

We are proud of the team we have assembled through the years. There is a trust that has developed between our company and our clients, subcontractors and core team. We have had many repeat customers because we treat them fairly. We take ownership of the work we are doing, we are sensitive to to the needs of the client and hotel we are working with and are very accomodating. We understand that when our team enters into an operating hotel, the needs of the guests and the hotel staff come first. We operate with the intent of being unnoticed by the hotel guests and as much as possible the hotel staff. We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to work with you on any project and we welcome any additional questions or need for information that you may have. Please see our Contact page for more info on how to get in contact with us. We encourage you to call our references and find out their view of the company and their experience with our team.  

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We strive to be the contractor of choice to provide top quality and professional work in a timely manner to the hospitality industry while still being fair to both the client and the subcontractor.