​​NCM Inc.​ Renovators

Fran Guerra - Chief Financial Officer

Fran has been working in the hospitality industry for over thirty-two years, and has been with the principals of NCM, Inc. for over sixteen. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when working with us. 

Ed has been involved in the construction industry for thirty years. Primarily focused on finishing and punch programs. Ed has an eye for detail that brings the quality of finish to the next level. As a project coordinator, Ed demands the same quality from anyone under his command to ensure the highest of quality product for the owner.

Leo Nicovic - Superintendant

Leo is a detail oriented Project Manager that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. A custom painter by trade, Leo is equally talented applying custom finishes as he is directing the work. Leo excels on projects that require close coordination with hotel operations where a schedule is measured in hours - not days. Leo has owned his own paint company for years but jumps on board with us as we have the need to assist in sizeable projects. Leo has a knack for being able to land nearly anywhere in the United States and immediately be an incredible source of manpower, supplies and subcontractors for any of our jobs. Leo's ability to add to the team that we already bring to the table is a very important part of our success.

Jim Curry - Purchasing and Logistics Manager
James Curry has worked with the principals of NCM Inc. for over twenty years. Jim has been in the construction industry for over thirty-two years. Jim has worked in the industry as a carpenter, a superintendent, a project manager, a logistics manager and controller. Jim's role as it relates to on going projects is that of controller and logistic's manager for the project. James oversees the budget, orders and tracks incoming materials, coordinates travel and housing of the crews, and oversees project accounting.
James Guerra - President 

James Guerra is the President at NCM Inc. He helped start NCM back in 2015 with help from his father, the vice president. When not working he enjoys spending time with friends and family, along with playing the guitar.

About Us

Damon Bleth - Partner/ Project Manager

Damon has worked with the NCM Inc. principals for the last twelve years. Damon owns his own tile installation company and has acted as a hybrid of subcontractor and project engineer on numerous significant projects. Damon is the state qualifier for the NCM company in California and a business partner. Damon monitors the operations of the entire company from hands on in the field to project set up and coordination. 

​​Danielle Guerra - Controller

Danielle is the Controller at NCM Inc. She has pervious experience with account management and finances. Danielle first started with the company in 2015 as the Head of Marketing and has learned and grown with the company to get to the position she is in today. When Danielle is not working she enjoys spending time with friends and reading.

Olivia is the newest member of the NCM, Inc team. As the Administrative Assistant, Olivia performs a wide variety of jobs here and continues to learn each day. Olivia has a background in small business management and makes a wonderful addition to the company.

Meet the Team

Ed Magill - Project Coordinator
Greg Guerra - Vice President

Greg Guerra is Vice President at NCM Inc. He and his son James Guerra started NCM back in 2015 and have been working hard to make this company great ever since. Before NCM, Greg has had 30 years of experience with commercial renovations across the nation and has continuously delivered top quality service to all parties involved. When not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids going on adventures. 

Olivia Bennett - Administrative Assistant